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You are made by God

Mothers are highly favored

Your were made by God: to fulfill His Divine Purpose.

Mothers Day is one of the most significant days of honor in the American culture. No this day is not a biblical commemoration, it's a day set aside with spiritual, Devine significants. Mothers Day is more than a Day set aside to honor and be nice to Mothers. It's the day we stop to Honor God's gift to Humanity to Honor the Redemptive power of God through the incarnated Christ. God's Soverign nature, power and fore knowledge reconized the need for a Devine intersuccer on behalf of humanity. He formulated a Triune partnership with Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. God's created order would include humanity. In that creation there would be Male and Female. The female would be used as a created body to give birth to humanity. The female became known as the Mother of Humanity. She is more than men make her out to be, she is the carrier of the Seed for redemption. She is God's daughter. God made her to be an image bearer and magnifier of His Glory. You belong to God.